Protection Planning

  • Retirement isn’t a destination – it’s a lifestyle.
  • What are the risks to your financial success?
  • What fears do you have about retirement?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What does retirement look like?

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Financial Planning

  • Coordination of all income sources.
  • Social security maximization.
  • Inflation & longevity protection.
  • Income gap analysis.
  • Tax-free income strategies.

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Asset Management

  • Risk tolerance assessment.
  • Low-cost investment solutions.
  • Volatility control & risk management.
  • Professional money management.
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, real estate, crypto currency, insurance & annuities.

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Tax Management

  • Tax reduction strategies.
  • Roth conversions.
  • Tax-loss harvesting.
  • Estate tax planning.
  • Tax-free income analysis.

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Healthcare & Insurance

  • Medicare.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Long-term care risk mitigation.
  • Life insurance.
  • Disability.
  • Annuities.

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Legacy Planning

  • Planning for surviving spouse & family members.
  • Trusts, wills, and power of attorney.
  • Beneficiary planning.
  • Family gifting strategies.
  • Charitable giving.
  • Tax-efficient wealth transfer.

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The Bucket Plan

Holistic planning in your best interest

For all new client, we engage in a 4-Step Process to build your holistic plan in your best interest:


1. Discover Where You Are Now

About you.
Your goals & objectives.
Your priorities.
Our services.
The process.


2. Design Where You Want to Go

Organize your financial life.
Assess your cash flow.
Develop your plan.


3. Deliver Your Holistic Plan

Finalize your bucket plan.
Align your investments.
Optimize your cash flow.
Provide solutions.
Implement your plan.


4. Dedicated Service and Support

Activate plan.
Ongoing advice.
Tax & wealth management.

The Bucket Plan Philosophy

The Bucket Plan Certified® (BPC) designates that advisors are taught to use a set of planning tools that ensure a comprehensive holistic planning process for clients. The resulting Bucket Plan accounts for your unique income needs, time horizon, volatility tolerance, and tax situation for a personalized and product- agnostic financial plan. The proven process ensures advisors ask the right questions and identify all necessary considerations to design a structured and comprehensive plan that supports the future you want now, soon and in the distant future.

At Stine Tax & Wealth Management, the backbone of our holistic planning process is The Bucket Plan®, based on the nationally recognized book of the same name.

The Bucket Plan is a step-by-step framework that ensures all factors of your financial life are coordinated and working together to maximize your wealth now and for years to come.

The Bucket Plan allows us to:

  • Time-segment your investments to achieve immediate, short, and long term goals
  • Deliver a wealth plan you can actually understand
  • Account for diverse financial circumstances

Our Bucket Plan Certified® advisors possess the unique skillset necessary to provide comprehensive service that gives high-net-worth clients peace of mind.

Want to Know More About Our Process?

Financial Planning

This is the foundation of wealth management. It involves assessing your current financial situation, setting goals, and creating a roadmap to achieve those goals. It considers various aspects like cash flow planning, savings and investing, as well as retirement income distribution planning. Our holistic planning process, The Bucket Plan®, involves a range of services aimed at helping you strategize and prioritize your goals for growing and protecting your wealth, as well as addressing other financial aspects of life along the way.

Social Security Optimization

Making informed decisions about your Social Security benefits is crucial when preparing for retirement, as it can result in a difference of tens of thousands of dollars over your retirement years. At Stine Tax & Wealth Management, our advisors take an active role in guiding you through the complexities of Social Security, providing clarity on key questions such as:

  • When am I eligible to receive Social Security benefits?
  • When is it the right time for me to file for Social Security?
  • Can I receive Social Security if I am still employed?
  • Will Social Security be around for all of my retirement?

Asset Management

We recognize that managing significantly more assets requires an informed and disciplined approach. Our expert staff thoughtfully helps you construct a tax-efficient investment portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon, and preferences. Our team analyzes different investment options, helps customize your portfolio, and regularly monitors and adjusts it to optimize returns while managing risks. In addition, we look beyond the traditional stock market to focus on helping you manage all the assets in your financial life, from real estate to private equity and everything in between.

Tax Management

It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep, and taxes can take a big bite out of your total wealth if left unmanaged. Our approach to taxes is three-fold: tax planning, tax management, and tax preparation. Tax planning is the blueprint to how we save you money on taxes. From there, the next step in building a proactive tax strategy is tax management by overseeing your taxes throughout the entire year to reduce your current and lifetime liability. Lastly, we design your tax plan to meet your needs and our team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents prepare your taxes, so you needn’t navigate complex tax law — our experts take care of it for you.

Healthcare and Insurance

We provide a comprehensive review of your insurance policies, offering recommendations to ensure adequate coverage for life’s uncertainties. Our team evaluates life insurance, Medicare, health insurance, disability, and long-term care insurance to identify potential gaps. We also assess the suitability of a tax-free income plan through life insurance.

Legacy Planning

Preserving your legacy and efficiently passing on your wealth to who you choose is a top priority, especially for those with considerable wealth. This involves organizing and managing your assets to ensure their efficient transfer to your beneficiaries after your death. We believe estate planning exists to answer three simple questions upon our passing: Where does our money go, who is in charge and what are the rules? Our team works with top estate planning attorneys to help create wills, trusts, and other documents to protect your assets, minimize taxes, and ensure your wishes are carried out.