Our Approach

It all starts with a conversation.

We begin by engaging in meaningful conversations to understand your goals and concerns. We value the personal connection and work collaboratively with you until you are not just comfortable, but genuinely enthusiastic about your financial plan. Only then do we put your hard-earned assets into action, investing them strategically to bring your plan to life.

Our work is never done.

We remain actively involved, continually monitoring your investments, taxes, and all aspects of your financial plan to ensure it stays on track. The world is always changing, and it’s crucial to keep up. We never stop questioning, learning, and adapting to stay ahead of all the twists and turns that could derail your financial journey.

Our clients are family: Building wealth for generations.

Stine Tax & Wealth Management, we see our clients as family. With a long-term perspective and investment horizon, we pursue holistic growth and legacy planning to ensure that our clients not only build wealth for themselves but also leave a lasting financial legacy for their loved ones. Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of your financial picture, addressing specific risks and pitfalls you may not have considered. By putting all the pieces together, we envision, elevate, and empower your future retirement, setting yourself up for your wealth to outlive you and serve your family even after you transition.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Protection Planning

Asset Management

Tax Management

Healthcare and Insurance

Legacy Planning

The Bucket Plan Philosophy

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Why Choose Stine Tax & Wealth Management?


We understand the importance of Faith in our clients’ lives. We integrate your values and beliefs into the financial planning process, ensuring that your financial decisions align with your spiritual principles.


Family is the cornerstone of our lives. We prioritize your family’s well-being and future by creating strategies that protect and grow your wealth, enabling you to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.


We believe in the power of Community and its impact on our lives. We are dedicated to giving back and supporting the communities we serve. By nurturing relationships and fostering connections, we aim to strengthen the fabric of our local and global communities.

Building Lifelong Prosperity

Stine Tax & Wealth Management is committed to building lifelong prosperity for our clients. With our holistic family planning process, we help individuals and families live the life of their dreams. By prioritizing their goals and values, we ensure that every decision made aligns with their unique vision of prosperity.

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