What is the fee structure for being a Stine Tax & Wealth Planning client?

Stine Tax & Wealth Management is a fee-based firm, allowing us to offer an open architecture of investment strategies and products to meet the best interest of our clients. At Stine Tax & Wealth Management, there is a set cost of managing our affluent client's wealth, which generally ranges between 0.30% — 1.0% of the assets under management (AUM), depending on the amount invested with our firm. This fee is deducted right from your investment advisory account on a monthly basis.

We feel this approach can often be the optimal approach for an investor seeking comprehensive and tailored financial guidance. This fee structure aligns our firm’s interests with our client’s financial success, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that prioritizes long-term growth and prudent decision-making.

We feel that one of the key advantages of this fee model is its incentive for the advisor to generate favorable returns. Since the firm’s revenue is directly tied to the value of the investor's portfolio, there's a built-in motivation to make well-informed investment decisions that yield positive outcomes. This ensures that the firm’s recommendations are aligned with the investor's financial goals, as both parties share in the gains and losses.

Additionally, the percentage of AUM fee structure encourages a long-term perspective. This approach is especially beneficial in times of market volatility, as the firm’s compensation remains linked to the investor's overall portfolio performance, fostering a commitment to weathering market fluctuations together.

Furthermore, the fee structure fosters a sense of transparency. Investors can clearly see the direct relationship between the firm's fees and the growth of their assets. This transparency can encourage open communication between the advisor and the investor, as both parties understand that their interests are closely intertwined.