Lousiana Retirement Planning
Thinking About Retirement?
Think About This...
  • Can you afford to live comfortably on your retirement income?
  • Do you have a tax distribution strategy?
  • Do you have a social security strategy?
  • Have you optimized your 401K and IRA?
  • Have you done your estate planning?
  • Have you included medical and insurance planning in your retirement portfolio?
  • Are your investments diversified?
  • Do you have an asset allocation strategy?
Retirement gives you a lot to think about! Stine Financial professionals specialize in designing a comprehensive financial plan that covers all aspects of pre-retirement and retirement. Stine Financial will create an integrated financial plan tailored to your specific goals, your family and your individual needs. Troy Stine is an investment advisor in Lake Charles and also serves as a Lafayette financial advisor.

Let Stine Financial Group help you lay the foundation to live the life you want in retirement.